Software Tools for EPR Spectroscopy – Capabilities and Demonstrations

The U.S. based Research Coordination Network titled “Supporting, Highlighting, and Advancing Recent Developments in Electron Paramagnetic  Resonance” (SharedEPR) is sponsoring a workshop titled, “Software Tools for EPR Spectroscopy – Capabilities and Demonstrations” to follow the RMCMR conference.  The workshop will take place on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, July 26-27 at Snowbird Resort & Conference Center. Program content will be posted here in the near future.

The SharedEPR Network is an NSF funded initiative designed to bring together scientists from the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, physics, materials science, medicine, and biology with the goals of disseminating and advancing the field of EPR spectroscopy (  This  tutorial workshop sponsored by SharedEPR following the RMCMR is designed to provide overviews of software packages for acquisition, analysis, simulation, and modeling in EPR spectroscopy.  Software authors will demonstrate the use of these packages and discuss common workflows.   Practical aspects of the implementation and application of the software packages will be emphasized.     

If you have additional questions regarding the SharedEPR network or the Software Tools for EPR Spectroscopy Workshop please contact Gary Gerfen (

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